30. 7. 2020.

Food company Kavli will introduce a more comprehensive and stricter approach to animal welfare after serious infringements were uncovered at one of the farms that supply St Helen’s Farm with goats’ milk.

Yorkshire-based St Helen’s Farm has been owned by Scandinavian food company The Kavli Group since 2013, and produces various dairy products based on goats’ milk.


A British campaign group has released camera footage that includes material filmed at one of the eight farms that supply the brand with goats’ milk. The video shows clear infringements of animal welfare standards, and it has gained attention in several British media.


“This is both distressing and extremely concerning for us. We can not accept that that the goats’ milk we use is being produced under these kinds of conditions,” said Kavli Group CEO Erik Volden.


An external and independent investigation has been launched

St Helen’s Farm has ceased the supply of milk from the farm in question with immediate effect, and an external and independent investigation has been launched at all farms that provide the company with goats’ milk. The company is also working closely with local authorities and the grocery trade to make sure we find comprehensive and long-lasting solutions.


The Kavli CEO said it was too early to draw conclusions as to the causes and the extent of the animal welfare standard infringements, but he hoped the investigation would provide some answers within the next few days.


A more active and responsible role

He also expressed concern that Kavli UK has a minority share in the company that owns the farm in question.


“Although we have a small and silent ownership in the goats’ milk farm, this incident has made it clear that we need to be more involved and take on a more responsible role,” said Volden. Regardless of the fact that this might be a stand-alone incident, he called for a more comprehensive and stricter approach to animal welfare across all levels of the company and their suppliers.