30. 6. 2017.

Kavli has reached an agreement with Gefleortens mejeriförening to acquire the premium dairy brand Bollnäsfil as part of Gefleortens restructuring process. Kavli owns today the market leading dairy brands Tigers, Bärry and Skyr®, and will now further increase its position as a strong dairy producer in Sweden. 

Bollnäsfil is one of the strongest premium sour milk brands in Sweden.  Bollnäsfil was developed in the 50s by the local dairy in Bollnäs and is still produced according to the traditional recipe from Hälsingland.

- We are very proud to have given the opportunity to acquire Bollnäsfil, which is a unique product with a long tradition. Bollnäsfil is very strong locally and we believe that there is an enormous potential throughout the country, says Gerhard Bley, Managing Director of Kavli Sweden.

Processed sour milk has been around for thousands of years. In many other countries, the yoghurt is a more common product, while soured milk is the traditional product for people in the Northern part of Europe. In Sweden we have consumed sour milk since centuries. The main difference between Bollnäsfil and other soured milk products is that 7% of the liquid is removed during production, which makes it creamier. Bollnäsfil was developed in the 50´s in the former dairy in Bollnäs and is today a unique product in the Swedish dairy category.

- The acquisition of Bollnäsfil also marks our aim for continued growth. Kavli Sweden has since 2011 more than doubled its turnover and we are constantly looking for new opportunities for acquisitions, Gerhard Bley also says.

Facts about Kavli

O. Kavli AB has a turnover of over 800 million SEK and has 225 employees in Sweden. Manufacturing is made in the facilities in Älvsjö, Eslöv and Åbo. O. Kavli AB owns and market brands like Kavli, Eriks såser och dressingar, Johnny’s®, Hultbergs®, Västerviks senap®, Bärry®, Skyr®™ Isländsk yoghurt, Tigers yoghurt, Perstorp ättika, Planti®, Druvan® and Lyckans Ost. 

O. Kavli AB is part of the Kavli Group which has a turnover of approximately 3,2 billion SEK and is present in Norge, Finland, Sweden and UK. Kavli Group is owned by the Kavli Trust, a foundation with the sole purpose to give all surplus of the business to charitable projects. In 2016, the Kavli Trust approved a record 72,5 million SEK to charitable purposes.

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