Kavli Holding is owned by the Kavli Trust (O. Kavli & Knut Kavlis Almennyttige Fond). Kavli Holding owns all the group's subsidiaries in Norway and abroad.

The Kavli Trust was founded as owner of Kavli Holding in 1962 by Knut Kavli, who was the Kavli founder, Olav Kavli’s son. Knut Kavli decided that the Kavli Trust should allocate the profits from Kavli Group to fund research, culture and humanitarian causes. 

The Kavli Trust board is represented with two members in the board of Kavli Holding.The Trust exercises ownership of the Kavli Group as the general assembly of Kavli Group. 

The main task of The Kavli Trust is the charitable activities; To determine which charitable project that shall receive support. The Board shall also exercise its role as a long-term owner of Kavli Holding responsibly. That means that some of the profit shall be invested in further developing the business. Knut Kavli wanted the Kavli Group to be characterized by a forward-looking business management.

The Kavli Trust is subject to Norway’s Foundations Act, and it’s official name is O.Kavli and Knut Kavlis Allmennyttige fond.