Kavli is one of Norway's largest and most international food and drinks companies, with companies in Norway, the UK, Sweden and Finland. We offer ample opportunities for exciting national and international careers.

Kavli is proud of its solid business culture and its healthy and exciting working environment. Our workers' skills play a strategically important part for our Group, and we look after them by offering annual competence development programmes and long-term career development. Our competence development programme is rooted in the Group's targets, strategy and plans of action.

Our goal is to develop and retain existing staff as well as recruiting new employees in order to meet the company's future challenges.

Please get directly in touch with the companies in the Kavli Group that suit you best geographically.

Kavli Norge

Contact: karriere@kavli.no 
Available jobs: http://www.kavli.no/karriere 

Castle McLellan

Available jobs: www.castlemaclellan.co.uk 

Kavli Sverige

Contact: jobb@kavli.se 
Available jobs: http://www.kavli.se/