Kavli cheese spread
Kavli's founder Olav Kavli was known for his passion for cheeses and his considerable skills as a cheese maker. In 1924 he developed the world's first durable cheese spread, and since then Kavli has built on his invention and cheese expertise. Kavli develops a range of healthy, tasty and innovative cheese products every year. This has secured the company a leading position within the cheese spread market.

All Kavli's cheeses feature practical packaging and a low fat content. Our international selection includes:

Tubs 200 g:

  • Kavli Original Cheese Spread

  • Kavli Cheese Spread with Ham

  • Kavli Cheese Spread with Shrimp

Tubes 175 g:

  • Kavli Original Cheese Spread


Kavli cod roe cream

Kavli's cod roe cream has been a popular product on domestic and international markets for many years. Only top quality cod roe from the cool Nordic waters is used to create a unique Scandinavian speciality. The cod roe is sugar cured and smoked in the traditional manner before entering production.


The cod roe cream comes conveniently packed in 150g tubes and is perfect for canapés, salads and sandwiches. Our international selection includes:

  • Cod Roe Cream 150g

  • Cod Roe Mix 140g




Kavli crispbread

Kavli is world famous for our deliciously crispy crispbread. We use whole-grain rye flour, which keeps the vitamins and minerals naturally present in the grain. Whole-grain flour tastes good and provides fibre which aids in digestion.

Kavli's crispbread comes in convenient, resealable wrapping. The crispbreads can be found in more than 20 countries across the world. Our international selection includes:

  • Kavli Crispy Thin
  • Kavli Hearty Thick
  • Kavli 5 Grain
  • Kavli Crispy Garlic
  • Kavli Golden Rye


Kavli's ready-made dips:
Kavli has a range of delicious ready-made dips. The selection is complemented by a spicy salsa and a sweet chilli. Dip products come in convenient packaging allowing instant use after opening.

Our international selection includes:

  • Primula Dip Sour Cream & Chive
  • Primula Dip Roasted Garlic
  • Primula Dip Nacho Cheese
  • Primula Dip Spicy Salsa
  • Primula Dip BBQ Salsa
  • Primula Dip Sweet Chilli